Learning to Reframe Our Physical Trauma Into HOPE, HAPPINESS and CONNECTION

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The Happiness Perspective explores happiness as it relates to adversity. During his physical therapy sessions, Farris Fakhoury, DPT noticed certain characteristics and common threads that his patients exhibited to help them in their recovery. He has wanted to share these lessons, hoping to help others going through life-changing injuries realize that happiness awaits - if they know where to look.

In his book, Fakhoury shares:

  • Personal stories (including his own)

  • Statistics about overcoming devastating injuries

  • Ways to unlock happiness, even in the darkest of times

  • And more...

Combining his four step guide with the three lessons his patients have taught him throughout his career, Fakhoury’s book is a unique road map to help support anyone looking to change their lives for the better. The Happiness Perspective is a ray of light in today’s too often gloomy reality.

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Early Praise for The Happiness Perspective 

“The Happiness Perspective is a unique and special book. After reading this book you will feel inspired to be the best version of yourself and have a newfound appreciation on life.” 

        — Eric LeGrand, recipient of Sports Illustrated “The Best                Moment of 2011” and the Jimmy V Award for                                Perseverance at the ESPY Awards in 2012 

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“Fakhoury engages readers with an insightful exploration of human motivation when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As a young stroke patient, I learned firsthand how hard it can be to remain positive through the recovery journey. The happiness perspective explores the possibility of finding fulfillment and meaning after trauma.”

           — Madeline Niebanck, author Fast Fwd: The Fully                          Recovered Mindset

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The Happiness Perspective is uplifting and utterly inspiring. Farris ties the mental and physical aspects of rehabilitation together to create an unforgettable book that makes you reflect on your own happiness in so many wonderful ways.”

                     — Lauren Stikeleather, author of A Mixing Pot of                           Poems for Thought

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