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The Happiness Perspective

Happiness has very little to do with the hand life deals us, rather with how we view and play that hand.


Early in my career as a physical therapist, I decided to write down valuable lessons and experiences my patients have shared with me as I have treated them. Their stories and the life-changing events they go through and the drive and triumph of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me.

My patients drive my passion for professional and personal growth and I am confident the lessons I learn from them can help others. The lens through which I see my own life and the lives of those around me has shifted my perspective and my own internal dialogue of what the meaning of living truly entails. I am confident the stories and lessons I share will help you unlock your own happiness.

About Farris Fakhoury

Farris Fakhoury is a physical therapist specializing in neurological rehabilitation, who has dedicated his professional life to helping people heal. Fakhoury encourages people to find happiness in unexpected places. He loves connecting with his patients, and seeing what their unique stories can teach him about life and overcoming adversity.

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